About CoderVlogger. What is and isn't CoderVlogger. Content types and the monetization strategy.

What is CoderVlogger? ✅

CoderVlogger is all about creating software applications using different tech stacks. I plan to show the end-to-end process of creating an application, including steps like design (software design), planning, development, and deployment.

I also plan to work on my open-source and #BuildInPublic initiatives during the process. And share as much valuable content as possible around these activities.

What isn't CoderVlogger? ❌

It is not about courses about learning one or another programming language. Even though sometimes I will need to explain some basics or fundamentals of the tech stack, but it won't be about "learning Python from zero."

If you ask, why not? Because there are already tons of materials out there about basics. Some of them from great lecturers and teachers. And, to be honest, I am not good at explaining the basics.

But, I think I am good at building things. As a matter of fact, there is not so much information about creating software products end-to-end. So, ultimately, this is the niche I plan to fit.

But what about money? 💰

Here is my monetization strategy.

  1. Passive. Monetize public content.
    Medium ads. YouTube ads. Subscriptions.
  2. Active. Monetize Pro (advanced) material.
    Sell advanced materials via video bundles (plan to use Podia for that) and paid articles.
  3. Projects. Monetize built projects.
    Since I plan to show "how to build." Some of the projects will be real-world projects. For example, I plan to release the DBUI Pro edition, which can be directly monetized.
  4. Sponsors. Monetize audience.
    GitHub Sponsors. Patreon. But, this is more for the long term after I reach my initial goals — build, share, and attract more people.

Sounds crazy, right?

The ultimate plan is "learn (knowledge), share (value), earn (trust), and repeat." If I can also make all these financially viable, the goal is achieved ☑️.

Content Types 📹

1. Public Content


  • #DevLogs - daily coding videos with progress updates; more like daily standups in scrum teams;
  • Coding videos - videos and articles about specific programming topics in the context of a project; these are basically tutorials from an existing (real-world) project;



  • Available to everyone;
  • In fact, when I have more sustainable income from CoderVlogger, the amount of Public Content will be always more than paid content. I promise 🤞.

2. Advanced Content


  • In-depth and detailed learning materials; also focused on a specific project;
  • Additional explanatory resources for a publicly available topic;
  • Extended daily updates for paid members;



  • Registered members (for now only via CoderVlogger.com);
  • Paid memberships;
  • Paid tutorial and courses;

How to follow? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Nowadays, there are a lot of means of content creation. Therefore, I will mainly use video format alongside my blog posts. In addition, I plan to have more live streams and workshops for pro-members in the future.

Primary Accounts

YouTube. In most cases, there will be an explanation video with follow-up materials.

CoderVlogger.com. Most topics will have a follow-up one or a few posts/articles.

Twitter. All of them will have tweets. How else? :)


There will also be extended video materials and blog posts with more in-depth technical information for Paid Members. In most cases, these resources will be part of the upcoming tutorial or paid bundle. So, you will get early access as part of the membership.

Tasks Board

I also keep a public Todo list with an Airtable containing references to all public activities.