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Getting started with the Echo Go Web Framework

Hi all! This video tutorial explains the first step for the Echo web framework.


  1. we will create an empty Go project,
  2. import the echo web framework,
  3. and implement the first "Hello, World!" page.
Another topic, "Running multiple instances of an Echo application," is available with a free members account at the end of the page.

Watch the step by step guide via YouTube:

You can find the final version of the source code for this step here:

go-web-frameworks/_step_by_step/echo/step_001_init_project at main · CoderVlogger/go-web-frameworks
Go Web Frameworks and Toolkits. Example projects with popular and recently updated web frameworks and toolkits. - go-web-frameworks/_step_by_step/echo/step_001_init_project at main · CoderVlogger/g...
Go Web Frameworks / Echo / Step 1: Getting Started

Go Web Frameworks and Toolkits

Please refer to this page for other example projects using Go Web Frameworks and Toolkits.

Go Web Frameworks and Toolkits
Hello! Go language has many great web frameworks. In this article I want to review and implement a demo (example) project using top popular and recently updated Go frameworks and toolkits. This page will be the primary source of all follow-up resources and an explanation of the goal and demo

Used References

🔐 Members Only Addition

In the following section, I explain how we can run multiple instances of the echo application within the same main function and an updated source code available only to members. It is an example of the usage of Go's goroutines and sync.WaitGroup.

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