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CoderVlogger: Video Formats #DevLog

In this video post, I explain what kind of tech videos you can expect from CoderVlogger.

What type of tech videos expect from CoderVlogger?

Video Formats

In the coming months (2023 H2), I plan to post videos in the following categories.


Topic-specific video tutorials. Highly focused on solving a very concrete coding issue.

Usually, these tutorials come out of my work on various projects.

Major topics in the next couple of months:

  • Using Java and Spring Boot.
  • Using React, TypeScript, and Next.js.
  • Using Google Cloud Platform and production setup.
  • Cross-platform mobile frameworks (Kotlin, Flutter).



Frequent progress updates about the projects I am working on.

I will keep these videos mostly code-oriented, but sometimes it can be more talking and less coding.

Examples include:

  • "What is going on with the projects? #DevLog"
  • "What plan do I have for CoderVlogger. #DevLog"

DevLogs can also include "Coding Sessions" and "Live Streams."


Series of videos related to one topic. It usually includes 10-15 videos and is organized step-by-step.

Planned topics:

  • Over-engineering series: building custom Backend-as-a-Service.
  • Over-engineering series: building a mobile monitoring and tracking system with Expo and React.

Usually, a Series includes different project phases - from design and planning to development and release.

I expect that sometimes a DevLogs and a video for a series can overlap. In these cases, I will organize them in YouTube playlists and single-post/tag them on CoderVlogger.com.

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