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Go: Serve HTTP JSON API for in-memory objects (DevLog #002)

Review the source code for MemUI's HTTP JSON API Server. Includes using net/http package, JSON Encode, and step-by-step tutorial.
Go: Serve HTTP JSON API for in-memory objects (DevLog #002)
Create HTTP Server with a JSON Endpoint using Go-lang (GoMemUI Project)

In yesterda's DevLog we reviewed the source-code for MemUI's HTTP JSON API Server. At the end of this page, you can find the recording of this video. I also published the step-by-step guide explaining each part in detail.

In this video:

  • Serve an HTTP-server with standard "net/http" package;
  • Index API to list all internal types;
  • Explore API to list all objects for a selected type;
  • Marshal to JSON;

Demo of the final result:

Explore JSON endpoint for go-memui

API Changes

We plan to add a new ServerHTTP method to the MemUI type so clients can execute it and serve a JSON API:

d1 := Department{Name: "IT"}
d2 := Department{Name: "HR"}

p1 := Person{"John", 30, &d1}
p2 := Person{"Mary", 25, &d2}

mui.Register(&p1, &p2, &d1, &d2)

Changes in MemUI API

Which starts the following HTTP server:

// Index page with all registered object types:
curl localhost:8080/

// Explore page with all registered objects for a selected type:
curl localhost:8080/explore?type=*main.Department
Expected HTTP Server

Please note that here *main.Department is the name of the pointer type.

YouTube Video

DevLog #2 2022 — Go: Create HTTP Server with a JSON endpoint
Check the following course section for a step-by-step guide to creating HTTP Server with a JSON API.

👉🏼 Extended version of the YouTube Video

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