DevLog - Daily Coding Journal!

DevLog series is my attempt to post a new coding video every day! It is like Daily Standup in s Scrum team where I share a) What I worked on Yesterday? b) What's a plan for today? and c) Are there any blockers or learning points?

CoderVlogger: Video Formats #DevLog

In this video post, I explain what kind of tech videos you can expect from CoderVlogger.
1 min read

Daily Update for Feb 21, 2022 #DevLog

What did you do yesterday? * Started documenting API specifications for the Go Web Framework project. Having a documented API contract
1 min read

Go: Serve HTTP JSON API for in-memory objects (DevLog #002)

Review the source code for MemUI's HTTP JSON API Server. Includes using net/http package, JSON Encode, and step-by-step tutorial.
1 min read